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Brainwave Entrainment

Holistic therapy for the human brain!

Brainwave Entrainment refers to the brain‘s electrical response to rhythmic sensory stimulation, such as pulses of sound or light. If given a stimulus, through the ears, eyes or other senses, it emits an electrical charge in response, called a Cortical Evoked Response (CER). When presented with a rhythmic stimulus, such as a drum beat, the rhythm is reproduced in the brain in the form of these electrical impulses.




Awake, but deeply relaxed. Simply closing your eyes will produce alpha brainwaves. Associated with daydreaming, visualization, imagination and light meditation.



Normal waking consciousness. Associated with cognitive tasks (problem solving, decision making, verbal communication). Higher levels linked to stress, anxiety, and panic



Deep, dreamless sleep, trance, deep hypnosis. Brainwave expert Judith Pennington calls it the „Doorway to Universal Consciousness“



Dreaming, REM sleep, creativity, access to unconsciousness, long-term memory, emotional healing, intuition, deep reverie, spiritual wisdom. Hypnosis: range of hyper-suggestibility, program or reprogram beliefs



Last discovered, least explored. Associated with higher learning, strong focus and concentration, high flow of information, mystical and transcendent experiences. focused meditation

Hemispheric Synchronization

1970s, neuroscience found, that when experienced meditators were deep in practice, harmonious activity between both hemispheres of the brain started to occur. This phenomenon is known as hemispheric synchronization.

Unlike traditional meditation, Brainwave Entrainment is a reliable, predictable, and consistent tool allowing to harmonize various areas of your brain at will. With regular practice, new neural connections begin to form between the two hemispheres for cumulative, long-term benefits.

Brainwave Entrainment
Hear the Tones!
See the Light!
“Feel“ the BEATS!

Audio-visual brainwave entrainment (AVE) = simultaneous use of sound and light.
Although visual entrainment is more effective than audio entrainment, when the auditory and visual cortex are stimulated simultaneously, greater portions of the brain can be entrained.
The Exagon Brain is a device, that combines rhythmic sound and light stimuli in harmony with the biological organ clock to achieve the best possible Brainwave Entrainment.

Audio Entrainment

The deliberate use of sound to modify the mind has been chronicled throughout history (Aboriginal didgeridoo, Tibetan singing bowl, Native American flute, Tribal drum), used as powerful tools of transformation. Modern neuroscientists found audio entrainment to bring about these same binaural beats and tones, induce super learning, memory improvement, creativity.

Audio Entrainment

„Feel“ the BEATS!



The most basic forms of audio entrainment are auditory beats. They form, when two pure tones of a slightly different pitch are played together. Auditory beats typically come in the form of binaural or monaural beats.



Stereo headphones play different high frequencies perceptible to the human in both ears. Their difference gives the target frequency value. Example: you want to tune your brain to 7 Hz you can play a tone with 207 Hz on the left ear and 200 Hz on the right.



Two tones same intensity, but in different tone pulse patterns. Human ear perceives only a single beat. Sounds of monaural beats can also be heard without headphones, but technology works more effectively with.



Opposed to binaural and monaural beats, isochronic tones do not need two separate tones to form a beat. It uses a single tone, on and off at an evenly spaced pattern:
Sine Waves – soft
Square Waves – harsh
Sawtooth Waves – whole pulse package plus harmonics!

Photic Stimulation …

… uses constant, repetitive light pulses to entrain the brain. Delivered by: television or computer screens, strobe lights, LED eye sets, virtual reality goggles. Visual entrainment is more effective than audio entrainment, because the visual cortex is larger than the auditory cortex. When the visual cortex becomes entrained, it affects a greater portion of the brain.

Photic Stimulation


Visible color spectrum composed of reds, greens, blues and their combined derivatives.

  • Light affects both the physical and etheric bodies.
  • Colors generate electrical impulses and
    magnetic currents or fields of energy.
  • They are activators of the biochemical and
    hormonal processes in the human body.
  • Many natural therapists are using
    chromotherapy on their patients.

Colors influence us differently, because they have different wavelengths and frequencies, and affect different parts of the brain.



Stimulation, vitality, life force, energy, revolution, change, ambition, grounding, passion, alertness, pioneering, positivity, survival, awakening, emerging.


Joy, happiness, warmth, creativity, pleasure, sensuality, sexuality, generosity.


Mental activity, learning, intellect, acquired/ learned knowledge, individuation, alertness, concentration, focus, cheerful, warmth, cleaning, fear, empowerment, self-esteem, confidence.


Sedative, cooling, calming, fluidity, growth, balance, money/prosperity, birth, new beginnings, nature, health, healing, heart, loving, curiosity, trust, feelings, integrity, harmony, seeking truth, relationships.


Higher heart, introspection, communication of the heart, studying and gathering information, learning, unconditional love, self-respect, respect for all life, taking individual responsibility.


Stimulates emotions, meditation, inspiration, intuition, inner emotional release, opening inner doors, dreams, wisdom, spirituality, higher mind, power, letting go, vision, transformation, loyalty, integration, mysticism, balance of male and female.


The higher mind, that is connected to the all-that-is, the akashic records, the cosmic library. It is the color that makes contact with your “inner vision“ or intuition, that part of you, which sees beyond the five senses.


Calming, deep inner peace, rest-fullness, openness, cooling, relaxing, assists in deep changes, higher mental activities (3rd eye), insight, wisdom, sky, water, sadness, unity, safety, communication that comes through us, clarity.

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Brainwave Entrainment



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